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Welcome to our website

"Marianna's vineleaves" is the main, and the first to be marketed, product of a family of viticulture products that I have been producing with love and care for more than 15-odd years, with the valuable support and help of my husband, Dimitris, and my two sons, Pangalos and Thanasis.

Through a long and not always easy course, our family has come to a point, today, where we enjoy offering to all other families our traditional, organic and - most importantly - pure products. Something that started from my love for traditional tastes, is nowadays our main business, continued with the same love and care that we used when it was only a means to satisfy the needs of my family and my friends.

So, welcome to this virtual tour of vineyards, our lab and, of course, the culture that guides and drives us through our every day at work and results in the supreme quality of our organic products. I hope you enjoy this tour and come back soon for another visit!

Marianna Kazakis


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